Shortstory: You melted me

You melted me

The weight of his shoulder pushed me beneath him, down and into the mattress.


Title: You melted me
Author: Kari Gregg
Capacity: 16 pages, Ebook

Text on the back

Brian couldn’t resist playboy executive Leland Whitacre in spite of their employer’s strict no fraternization policy. Leland isn’t just his boss, though. He’s the son of the company’s CEO. And Brian has fallen in love. Hurt by too many stolen kisses and nooners at seedy hotels, Brian finally broke off their secret affair two weeks ago. Leland isn’t ready to let Brian go and he isn’t above seducing Brian — again — to give them both what they really want for Christmas: each other.

My opinion

It is a very lovley story. I enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately I think it was a little too short. The storyline would have the potential to become a long story.

All in all I think it is a good story for in-between times. I give 4 of 5 points.
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