The Wish List

The Wishlist

Will all her birthday dreams come true…? 


Title: The Wish List
Author: Jane Costello
Capacity: 481 pages, Paperback
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9780857205568

My Opinion

What it’s about:
Emma has half a year to her thirtieth birthday. She isn’t sure whether she did everything she wanted to achieve in her twenties. This doesn’t get better when she finds the list she wrote with two friends and her sister when they were fifteen. On that list are twelve things they wanted to do until their thirtieth birthday.
Emma hadn’t achieved a single of those things what makes her doubt that her life goes into the right direction. She doesn’t have the job she always wanted and just left the man who wanted to marry her.
She decides that she has six month to do everything that is on the list. Some of those things turn out to be done more easily than others.

What I say:
When I bought the book I thought the idea of having six month to achieve everything from a list written with fifteen is just great. It felt like something I would also do. But I didn’t. At second thought it doesn’t feel that good anymore. People change and what someone wants to achieve with fifteen could be totally different from what they want with nearly thirty.

I loved the writing style. It was entertaining and very good to read.
I liked the story because it was something I could connect to very good. Unfortunately I sometimes thought that some situations lasted forever and therefore where kind of boring. It weren’t too many so it wasn’t disturbing.

All in all it was a great book. But at times the book was simply boring or at least sometimes it felt like a situation would never end. That is why I grand 4 of 5 points.
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