The Vengeful Malice

The Hungering Saga

I lived on in a state of ignorance, hoping that the happenings beyond my private corner of existance would lose sight of me and my cicle of friends and family



Title: The Vengeful Malice
Autor: Heath Pfaff
Capacity: 250 pages, ebook
Series: The Hungering Saga (Part 2 of 3)

My opinion

What it’s about:
Two years had gone into the land since Lowin, Malice and Wisp flied together with the ghost Tyvel into the woodlands far away from anything that had to do with the king or the Knights of Ethan. In that time Lowin’s daughter Kaylien was raised to a toddler and had no thought about ever being found by the king’s men. But his past seems to come after him when he and Malice return from hunting one day and find Wisp dead in their destroyed camp and no sign of Kay. Tyvel tells them of beasts attacking them. A letter from the king was left behind. He had captured Kay and demands Lowin to come to him but not before two weeks are over.
This two weeks Lowin tries to use as good as possible by getting a Kaziem heart. With that he would be able to fight in the palace of the king. No one daughted that it’s a fight it’s all ending with. For getting a heart of a Kaziem wolf he needs to kill one. Unfortunately the wolf he is fighting is stronger than Lowin ever thought possible and he loses his fight. His price is his life that he was very close to lose. Without his full strengh and without a Kaziem heart he has to face the king. Will he still be able to rescue his daughter?

What I say:
This books takes of where the other ended. And as expected the action would go on as well.

As it was in Vol.1 the reader heads together with Lowin from one situation to the next. It’s still amazing how fast the situations change and the tension always is at a very high level. As the reader, it’s complicated to put the book down and at the same time you want to put the book down just to catch your breath.

At this point I would like to put in my warning I already had for Vol.1. The book describes every situation in very much detail what leads to lots of death and even more blood. Sexual content is cut short in most cases and not described in detail.

I can just say: I loved the book. It has everything a good book needs. 5 of 5 points.

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