The Elite

The Elite

35 girls came to the palace. Only 6 remain.


Title: The Elite
Author: Kiera Cass
Capacity: 323 pages, Paperback
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9780062262851
Deutscher Titel: Selection – Die Elite
Series: Part 2 of 3

Text on the back

The Selection began with thirty-five girls. Now, with the group narrowed down to the Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon’s heart is fiercer than ever – and America is still struggling to decide where her own heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen, who she always thought was the one?
America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want – and America’s chance to choose is about to slip away.



My opinion

What I say:
I really was looking forward to reading this book. It was in my bookshelf since the beginning of the year and thought that the first part of the series was already great. That’s why I was quickly to read through this.

Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. And I think it was lenghly. The whole Selection is now going on my nerves. Why can’t the prince simply chose one of the girls?

Because all in all the story was a little lengthly I grant 3 of 5 points. This part of the series couldn’t convince me.
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