Doing Business with Germans

Doing business with Germans

„Only he who knows himself and his counterpart well can achieve one thousand successful encounters.“


Title: Doing Business with Germans – Their Perception, Our Perception
Author: Sylvia Schroll-Machl
Capacity: 221 pages, Paperback
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 9783525461679
German Title: Die Deutschen – Wir Deutschen – Fremdwahrnehmung und Selbstsicht im Berufsleben

Text on the Back

This book sheds light on the two sides of German busines partnerships in intercultural settings. On the one hand it deals with people working with Germans from their home country as well as with expatriates who have come to live and work in Germany. On the other hand it portrays Germans who have business relations all over the world negotiating with people in business meetings or via telecommunications.

For people from abroad working in Germany it is vital to find out what the German mentality is like in order to orientate themselves and assess situations better. For Germans it is helpful to understand how their non-German partners perceive them. This again will allow them to see themselves as they are seen by others.