You had me at Hello

You had me at Hello

What happens when the ONE that got away comes back?


Title: You had me at Hello
Author: Mhairi McFarlane
Capacity: 436 pages, Paperback
Publisher: AVON
ISBN: 978000748805
German Title: Wir in drei Worten

My opinion

What it is about:
The book starts with Rachel dumping her fiancé Rhys and ends with… Just a joke. Of course I am not telling you how the book ends.
The book really starts with  Rachel dumping her fiancé after thirteen years of being together. She moves out of their house and into a life she is not used to. Thirteen years with the same man never made it necessary for her to actually have a flat of her own and feel alone. Luckily her friends Caroline, Mindy and Ivor are always at her site.
One day Caroline comes along with the news that she saw Ben in the library. Rachel can’t believe it. She always thought that she would never see him again. They after all didn’t see each other for ten years after being best friends at university.
She finds him in the lirary exactly as Caroline had told her. And that’s the first of many meeting as the old friendship comes back to life.