Shortstory: Somebody Nice!

Somebody Nice

Be bold, Milo. Be bold!


Title: Somebody Nice!
Author: Raine O’Tierney
Capacity: 70 pages, eBooks

My opinion

What it’s about:
Danny forstered little seven year old Melissa. She adores Danny as well as he adores her. But she thinks he’s lonely despite the fact that he’s happy with the girl and Bunny, the dog. Melissa goes to Milo, the librarian of her school, to ask him for help to set up a profile on a dating website for Danny. She wants to find him a girlfriend. Exactly that’s a problem for Milo as he’s Danny’s boyfriend but he’s afraid what Melissa would say to that outing.

What I say:
After reading the summary of the book I actually expected something else entirely. I thought the plot would be about the online profile and the fact that Milo doesn’t want the coming out to Melissa. Unfortunately that part of the plot is finished pretty quickly. So I was a little sad.
Nevertheless the story is good. After all a story does not to go as expected to be good.

I liked the character of Melissa. The little girl was very symphatic even though I think all in all she was a little too grown up for being a seven year old girl.
The other characters were not really visible against the shining personality of the little matchmaker. But they were thought through and likable.

The writing style was direct and good to read.

To put it in a nutshell it’s a nice (but unfortunately short) piece of reading. Therefore I give 4 of 5 points.
Vier Punkte

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