Doing Germany 2

Doing Germany 2

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Title: Doing Germany – Book 2
Author: Agnieszka Paletta
Capacity: 196 pages; eBook
Series: Book 2 of 2

My opinion

What it is about:
Living in Germany is different from living in Poland or Canada. In her second book of Doing Germany Agnieska Paletta shows how to handle a baby, a house and a husband in Germany when one still has lots of questions why Germans actually are the way they are.

What I say:
When I first got the book I expected it to be a funny view on German habits. Being German myself I always enjoy and also reflect on those things I don’t realise I’m doing.
That is exactly what you get. In some cases I couldn’t relate to them as I don’t have a baby, a house or a husband. But it doesn’t make the book less worth reading.

What I enjoyed most about this about this book is the fact that in there not only the situation in Germany is shown but also how a similar situation would be in Poland, Canada or the US. That way not only Non-Germans can learn about Germany but also Germans can learn how a situation is handled in other countries.

The idea to this book is something that I like. It’s not a new idea but I like to read books about how people see their life in Germany.
The writing style is good once you get used to it and I got used to it pretty quickly.

All in all it’s a great book that is fun to read. 3 of 5 points.
Drei Punkte

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