Shortstory: Bound


First came the beeping.


Title: Bound
Author: Amelia Bishop
Capacity: 80 pages; eBook

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My opinon

What it’s about:
After Adrian had a an accident with his motorbike, he finds himself in a situation he can’t handle. Everything seems to be complecated.
One day he meets Nate, a man he can’t take is eyes off and who treats him like any other person. Falling in love is unavoidable.

What I say:
I expected this book to be about a big fight, love and a little erotic. And guess what? That’s exactly what it is.
It’s the story of the fight of Adrian to come to terms with his new life in the wheelchair. And he is fighting against it a lot. I really felt with him and could totally understand him. It was really easy to identify with him. Maybe it was was a little easier for me because I could see me in his place as a motorbiker. The risk of an accident always is very high.
It’s also the story of the love between Nate and Adrian. And during this lovestory it also comes to the erotic moments.

The story most of the time is following Adrian and portraits the fight in his inside I mentioned above. Only sometimes the story is following Nate to also portrait his feelings. The author found a good balance between those two perspectives so that the story isn’t interrupted at any time.

The idea of the story was good. I really liked the fact that it has a serious topic and at the same time has a light mood. It was a good balance to keep reading. The good writing style also helped with that.

I liked the book very much and felt with Adrian every minute. Therefore I grant 5 of 5 points.

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